32 Inch LED TVs
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Optimum Viewing Distance for a 32 Inch LED TV should be minimum 4.5 feet or 1.37 meter from the sitting position to view all the details on the TV screen. Thus, 32 Inch is the optimum choice for small living rooms or medium to large bedrooms.

It is the top selling TV size segment and thus available in all the brands. Sony, Samsung & LG are the premium brands and thus price of their 32 Inch TVs varies from Rs. 17,500 - Rs. 39,000. There are many budget brands as well like VU, Micromax, BPL, Intex etc. and price varies from Rs. 12,000 - Rs. 25,000. Also price of 32 Inch Smart LED TV varies from Rs. 13,500 - Rs. 39,000

Read on to find the best TV that fully satisfies all your needs at a decent price.

Best 32 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 35,000

These are the best 32 Inch TVs and should be considered if budget is not an issue. These are manufactured by top brand and contain all the features that are usually available under this size segment.
Sony W562D
Sony W562D - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
5.6 Overall
5.3 Picture Quality
5.1 Sound Quality
6.7 Features
6.3 Supported Formats

The best TV in 32 Inch segment is the Sony W562D. It has a very good picture quality with 1080p resolution and motion interpolation to reduce motion blur. TV has an excellent sound quality with a 14w subwoofer and 2 x 8w speakers. This is a Smart TV with inbuilt web browser, screen mirroring and various other apps. Also it has Built In WiFi and an Ethernet port for internet connectivity. There are USB & HDMI ports and they support most of the popular multimedia formats.

Since it has all the latest features with excellent picture and sound quality, it is therefore our top pick for a 32 inch TV.

Sony W512D
Sony W512D - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
5.1 Overall
4.0 Picture Quality
5.1 Sound Quality
6.6 Features
6.3 Supported Formats

W512D is the second best TV in 32 inch segment. This TV is exactly same as W562D with difference in resolution as it is 720p. In 32 inches, however, difference in resolution is not much noticeable due to small screen size provided TV is watched from certain distance.

Best 32 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 25,000

Under Rs. 25,000, expect slightly less features. There are some good models though with almost same features but with difference in resolution.
LG LH576D - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
4.4 Overall
4.0 Picture Quality
4.0 Sound Quality
4.1 Features
8.3 Supported Formats

The best 32 inch with slightly less budget is LG LH576D. It is a basic Smart TV with WiFi but does not have Web Browser and Ethernet port. Also it has only 1 USB port. Overall, its a good quality basic Smart TV. Thus, it is the best choice under this price range.

Sony R302D
Sony W512D - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
3.5 Overall
4.3 Picture Quality
2.5 Sound Quality
1.2 Features
3.5 Supported Formats

R302D is a very basic 32 inch TV. It is an excellent choice for a basic good quality TV with no high end features.

Best 32 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 20,000

There are no models under this price range of big brands like Sony and Samsung, though some basic models of LG are available. Choice therefore is between high end models of small brands and very basic models of premium brand like LG.
Micromax Canvas
Micromax Canvas - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
4.0 Overall
3.9 Picture Quality
2.1 Sound Quality
5.3 Features
3.4 Supported Formats

Canvas is a good Android Smart TV. It has all the top features like WiFi, web browser, screen mirroring. Also it has a USB 3.0 port and an ethernet port. It is therefore a fully feature packed TV. There is one downside though, picture and sound quality isn't that amazing and Micromax after sales service is pathetic. Its a good choice if you are looking for all the features at a decent price. Overall its a good TV and price is justified considering all the above points.

LG LH516A - Best 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
3.0 Overall
3.7 Picture Quality
2.8 Sound Quality
0.0 Features
6.6 Supported Formats

LH516A is a good branded TV at very low price. This a very basic TV with no extra features.

Best 32 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 15,000

This category include very basic TVs of not so famous brands. There are no models of premium brands under Rs. 15,000. This is the starting category for 32 inch LED televisions.
VU K160M
VU K160M - Best basic 32 inch TV
Usage Ratings
2.7 Overall
3.1 Picture Quality
1.5 Sound Quality
1.2 Features
5.4 Supported Formats

K160M a very basic TV from VU. This is an entry level model for 32 inch and has very normal picture and sound quality with no extra features.

All 32 inch TVs - 2016

All the 32 inch TVs are systematically categorized below as per the Final Score. You can easily choose the best model according to the needs with the help of this information.