40 Inch LED TVs
Reviews and Prices

40 inch TVs are suitable for living rooms or medium to large bedrooms. To clearly see all the details on a 40 inch TV screen, optimum viewing distance should be 6-7 feet from the sitting position.

Nowadays 40 inch has replaced the 32 inch TVs because of availability of many low price models which costs almost same as 32 inch. Today a fully featured 40 inch smart led TV is available under Rs. 26,000. Many people have therefore started purchasing bigger size models.

There are no TVs available in 41 & 42 inches of any brand. The next similar size is 43 inches and this size is also available in all the brands. There is only Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 difference between 40 inch and 43 inch TVs. Some 43" models are even cheaper than their 40" counterparts. So in a nutshell, we can say, next most preferred size after 32 inches is 43 inches.

Price of premium brands (Sony, Samsung & LG) in 40-43 inches varies from Rs 32,500 - Rs. 76,000.
Price of small brands (VU, Micromax, BPL, Intex etc.) in 40-43 inches varies from Rs. 22,000 - Rs.40,000.
Also price range of 40 inch Smart LED TV starts from Rs. 26,000.

Read on to choose the best 40-43 inch TV with all the features at the lowest possible price.

Best 40 - 43 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 76,000

These are the best 40 - 43 inch TVs and should be considered if budget is not an issue. Again price of best 43 inch TV is almost same as 40 inches and therefore it is more preferred in our selection of the best models.
LG UH750T - Best 40 inch TV
Usage Ratings
6.8 Overall
8.7 Picture Quality
3.7 Sound Quality
5.6 Features
8.0 Supported Formats

The best TV in 40-43 inch is LG UH750T. It is a Smart TV with 4k resolution and excellent picture quality with high end features like Local Dimming & HDR. Various smart TV features like Web browser, WiFi, screen mirroring etc. are also available. There is one downside though, sound quality isn't that amazing. Overall, this is a very good TV with a very reasonable price.

Sony X8300D is a similar model and has better sound quality as compared to LG, it also has more connectivity options but it costs Rs. 10k more as compared to the LG model. Therefore not a viable option.

If you are looking for a TV for watching movies and TV shows at home, LG UH750T is a great option because it gives very deep blacks due its local dimming feature and with this picture looks great specially when watching dark scenes at night,
Sony W800D
Sony W800D - Best 40-43 inch TV
Usage Ratings
5.9 Overall
5.3 Picture Quality
4.0 Sound Quality
7.7 Features
7.7 Supported Formats

Sony W800D is a fully featured 43 inch TV available at a very low price. It is a good alternative to LG UH750T if more features is the preference above the excellent picture quality as Sony W800D has only Full HD resolution and features like Local Dimming and HDR are also missing but W800D is a 3D Smart TV and has more connectivity options. Sound quality is almost same as LG UH750T but it misses the first spot mainly because of its picture quality. Also its price is almost 10k cheaper compared to the LG UH750T.

Even if 3D functionality is not considered, W800D is the cheapest premium 43 inch TV having all the features with good picture and sound quality.

Best 40 - 43 Inch TVs - Under Rs. 50,000

Mid and low range 40-43 inch TVs comes under this price category, It includes basic models of premium brands and top or mediocre models of small brands. There are few 4k TVs also available under this price range but all of them are from small brands.
VU K16
VU K16 - Best 40 inch TV
Usage Ratings
6.0 Overall
8.4 Picture Quality
2.6 Sound Quality
5.6 Features
2.3 Supported Formats

Features wise, VU K16 is very similar to the high end LG UH750T at half the price. In reality though LG quality is obviously much better than VU, also screen size of LG is 43 inch while VU is only 40 inches. Still K16 is a very good choice for a fully featured 4k 40 inch Smart TV.

K16 has a very good picture quality with deep blacks because of local dimming feature. Sound quality is not very good but its justified as most of the other 40 inch models also have similar quality even at a higher price.

Overall K16 is a very good alternative to the high cost models of premium brands with all the features.
LG LH576T - Best 40-43 inch TV
Usage Ratings
4.8 Overall
5.3 Picture Quality
4.0 Sound Quality
4.2 Features
8.3 Supported Formats

LH576T is a basic Smart TV with decent picture and sound quality. It has slightly less features but the important features like Screen mirroring and WiFi are present. Web browser and Ethernet port are missing. Also it has only 1 USB port and 2 HDMI ports.

If you are looking for a good smart TV of premium brand at an economical price, LH576T is a very good choice.
VU H40K311
VU H40K311 - Best 40 inch TV
Usage Ratings
4.6 Overall
5.9 Picture Quality
2.9 Sound Quality
4.4 Features
2.3 Supported Formats

H40K311 is one of the cheapest 40 inch Smart TV. It has decent picture quality with all the useful features like WiFi, screen mirroring, Ethernet port etc. Sound quality though is not very good.

H40K311 is a good choice for a basic Smart TV at the lowest possible price.

All 40 - 43 inch TVs - 2016

All the 40 - 43 inch TVs are systematically presented in the table below based on the Final Score. You can compare the various models and choose the best suitable model easily with the help of information given below.