Church of The Highlands Exposed

A non-denominational megachurch established in 2001 by Chris Hodges pastor has been getting criticism, leading to public controversy because of certain events that raised questions regarding their leadership. The church is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and has multiple locations and is now covered with allegations of misconduct, and this article explains how the Church of The Highlands Exposed. 

Background of Church of The Highlands

Founded by Chris Hodges pastor in 2011 the Church of the Highlands, quickly became one of the largest churches in the United States. It became popular for its services and the approach to worship. Started as a small congregation, and evolved into a sanctuary for millions. 

Growth of The Church of The Highlands 

The church has a style of featuring modern music, advanced technology, and relevant sermons, which attracted a lot of audiences, and now with more than 20 campuses in the United States. It supports addiction recovery, prison ministry, and assistance during disasters, while also giving ministry training in Highlands College for preparing future church leaders. 

Church of The Highlands Exposed Controversy: Key Alligations 

The church of the Highlands controversy started back in 2020 when Pastor Hodge’s social media raised concerns about racial abuse. Recent allegations of the church have cast doubt on the principles of the church, ethical standards, and the mission of the church. 

There have been concerns about sexual harassment by an elder of the church, which led to a legal battle. Some also criticize the church for being too controlling, for example, a while ago there were accusations that a staff member of the church named “Michan Carter” committed sexual assault, which raised worries is the leaders of the church were not even acting ethically. 

Another big controversy around the Church of The Highlands has been the issue of the church’s resources, critics have said and suggested a pattern of mismanagement of the financial resources by the leaders. The allegations regarding the financial measure are a lavish lifestyle that benefits the leaders rather than the church of the mission it’s on.

The Church of The Highlands controversy has woken concerns of emotional and psychological manipulation. Former members of the church came forward with the testimonial that the tactics were used to control and influence the staff and congregation. 

The allegations of the church of the Highlands have not only raised eyebrows but also have started an action among congregants and the community. The action started against the Church is about explaining the church’s financial resources, practices of the church, and ensuing commitments. 

Church of The Highlands Response to Allegations 

The church has been seeing increased attention because of the allegations put upon them by the church leaders and their inappropriate manner. The Senior pastor Chris Hodges has responded to these claims, expressing himself, regretting, and discussing the future. Chris Hodges has tried to defend the church, but there is an obstacle which is a former paster Micahan Carter, who is accused of sexual assault. 

The church let Micahan Carter go, and Chris Hodges stated he felt sorry for letting Micahan Cater preach, especially because the old church he was from also accused him of sexual assault. However, even after letting Carter go, people still doubt the Church of the highlands and think the church is showing favoritism and lacks accountability and honesty. 

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Community Involvement and Media Involvement

After the Church of The Highlands Exposed it received both negative and positive feedback from the media. Major outlets highlighted the Church of The Highlands while investing in controversies, the use of financial resources, and church practices. The media outbreak has led to mixed opinions towards the church both negative and supportive. 

The church still was involved in the community and using its programs Church of The Highlands provided educational support, additional addiction recovery services, international missions, and food. These practices impacted positively the Church during the controversy but still, some people doubted their actions, accountability, and honesty.


What is the Church of the Highlands known for?

Church of the Highlands is mostly known for its rapid growth, community outreach programs, and dynamic workshops.

What was the Church of the Highlands Exposed for? 

Allegations against the Church of The Highlands are the misuse of church financial resources, leaders’ ethical ness, racial abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.  

How much does the Church of the Highlands pastor make?

The average pay of the Church of The Highlands pastor is $64,244 per year. 

What did Pastor Chris Hodges do?

Pastor Chris Hodges of the Church of The Highlands founded one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States and has launched hundreds of churches in the United States. He also trains pastors and churches to help them reach their full growth. 

Where is Pastor Chris Hodges now?

Pastor Chris Hodges is in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and five children.

How is Pastor Chris Hodges Related to the Church of the Highlands?

Pastor Chis Hodges Scandal is one of the biggest things that make him known and related to the Church of the Highlands because he founded the Church of The Highlands back in 2001, and made it rapidly grow, but recently there were a lot of allegations against the church which were “Unlawfully Conspiracy, Ethical Concerns of The Church, and much more” The scandal also got called “Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal.”


While the Church of The Highlands rapidly grew in the United States in just a short time, it did not make it immune to allegations. The Church of The Highlands Exposed and allegations were made such as misuse of church resources, leaders’ ethical ness, racial abuse, harassment, and sexual assault. One of the main reasons behind the church controversy was Micahan Carter who was accused of sexual assault but the Church still let him preach, along with this there were some other reasons for such high doubts it as the Church’s lack of accountability and honesty.

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