Type : LED     Resolution : 720p     Refresh Rate : 50 Hz

The 32LJ573D LED TV is an ordinary TV with impressive Smart features. The TV has lots of apps and a web browser. Unfortunately, the picture quality is not very good. The remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

  Good Smart features
  Good motion handling
  Good viewing angle
  Low price
  Poor contrast ratio


Curved : No

The TV has a simple design fully made of plastic. The grey colour borders of the TV do not give a premium look. The back has a shiny textured finish.


The table stand is in the form of 2 legs placed at the either ends. The stand has a wide footprint.


Top & Side Border : 0.6" (1.5cm)
Bottom Border : 0.8" (2.0cm)

The thick grey colour borders do not look good.


The back is simple and made of plastic. It is same as LG LJ523D. If wall mounted, ports at the back will be difficult to access.


Max Thickness : 2.8" (7.0cm)

The TV is thick and looks little odd if wall mounted.

Build Quality

The build quality is very good. Both the panel and the TV are solid and durable.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is not good. Contrast ratio is low due to the IPS panel. The colours of the TV are insufficient due to which the picture looks washed out. The edges are darker and this is clearly visible while watching the TV. The screen is not very bright and thus reflections can cause problem while watching the TV in a bright room. There are no advance features as available in mid to high end models like local dimming, HDR etc. But the motion looks good and clear. Viewing angles are also perfect and the TV is good for a wide viewing room. The picture looks sharp and there is less blurriness visible despite of the fact that the TV is only HD Ready.

Contrast Ratio

Black : 0.113 cd/m2
White : 125.088 cd/m2
Contrast : 1105:1

The contrast ratio is bad due to IPS panel. Due to this, the blacks are not pure blacks and look greyish.

Peak Brightness

Peak 2% Window : 258.4 cd/m2
Peak 100% Window : 258.0 cd/m2

There is some improvement in peak brightness in the new models but still it is not sufficient for a good bright room performance. At this level, it is not sufficient to fight the glares visible on the TV screen and this makes the picture difficult to watch with reflections from the back creating distractions.

Viewing Angle

Panel type : IPS

There is slight decline in contrast as the angle changes but this not much visible. So, the viewing angles are perfect and the TV is suitable for a big room with wide sitting positions.

Panel Uniformity

Max Colour Dev. (50% pattern) : 2.0
Avg Luminance Dev. (5% pattern) : 16.77%

The colour uniformity is good in the middle but it is bad on the corners. The edges and the corners are dark and this is very much visible while watching the TV.

Luminance uniformity is also good. The flashlighting and clouding visible in test picture in not much visible while watching the TV.

Native Resolution - 720p

The LJ573D has HD ready resolution. The picture looks fine and clear. It is even better than Sony R302E which has the similar price. The TV upscales or downscales the low or high resolution content respectively to the TV native resolution.

Reflections - Bright Room

The picture looks washed out in a bright room due to low peak brightness and feeble colour spectrum. The TV has a semi gloss screen and the performance is average for dealing with reflections.

Local Dimming

Local Dimming : No

There is no local dimming feature on this TV.

Gamut Coverage

sRGB gamut coverage : 93.55%
Adobe RGB gamut coverage : 69.71%

The colours of the TV are insufficient for a good HD image. The TV has a Wide Colour Gamut feature in the menu but this feature does not improve the colours. It adds colours based on the content which looks artificial.

Pre Calibration

White Balance dE : 12.17
Color dE : 8.51
Gamma : 2.06

The default picture mode is APS. In this mode, the picture has a cool colour temperature which gives a blueish tone and do not look realistic. Also the colours are too much saturated and put strain on the eyes.

Post Calibration

White Balance dE : 0.33
Color dE : 1.39
Gamma : 2.27

The picture mode is changed to ISF dark room. This has pretty much improved the picture quality. The TV has all the advance features to adjust the white balance and colours. Thus, the resultant picture is quite better than the original.


Motion Blur

The motion handling on the TV is good. The motion is clear with very less blur.

Motion Interpolation

The LJ573D does not have this feature.


Input Lag

Game mode : 26.5 ms
Outside Game mode : 45.5 ms

The input lag is little high outside the game mode. There will be slight delay in receiving the response and showing the output. Thus it is recommended to use the game mode while playing games on the TV. The TV is good for gamers.

Rear Inputs

USB : 1 Port
HDMI : 2 Ports
Headphone Out : 1 Port
RF Connection (Cable/Antenna) : 1 Port
Optical Digital Audio Out : 1 Port
Composite In : 1 Port
Component In : 1 Port
Ethernet Port : 1 Port

Total Inputs

USB : 1 Port
HDMI : 2 Ports
Headphone Out : 1 Port
RF Connection (Cable/Antenna) : 1 Port
Optical Digital Audio Out : 1 Port
Composite In : 1 Port
Component In : 1 Port
Ethernet Port : 1 Port

Input Specifications

USB 2.0 : Yes
USB 3.0 : No
HDMI 1.4 : Yes
HDMI 2.0 : No
HDCP 2.2 : No
HDCP 1.4 : No
HDMI (CEC) : Yes
Variable Analogue Audio Out : No

Smart TV

Smart Features

The LG LJ573D is a fully featured Smart TV. It has all the Smart features like WiFi Built-In, WiFi Direct, Screen mirroring, Ethernet port and also a web browser. The TV has lots of apps available to use for free. It has the famous WebOS Smart platform which has an easy and user friendly interface. Apps and other smart features can be used by pressing the Home button on the TV remote.


With an internal memory of 623 MB, the TV has tons of apps available for free. The TV has all the popular apps like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Google play movies & TV and also LG content store which itself has lots of apps available.


TV Controls

A power button is located at the bottom. It helps to turn the TV ON or OFF.

Power Consumption

Power Consump (Max) : 20.71 W
Power Consump (Standby) : 0.0 W

The readings are taken after calibration.


The remote is the basic one similar to supplied with other models. It is made of good quality plastic. The remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon prime video.

In the Box

- Remote
- Table Stand
- Power Adaptor
- Power Cord
- User Manual
- Warranty Card
- Screws
- Batteries
- Cable Tie


The LG LJ573D is a good budget Smart TV. Although the picture quality is not very good but the amount of features available on this TV are hard to beat and that too by a leading TV brand LG. There is better picture quality available in this price range but then the Smart features are not available. So, overall it is a good value for money TV.

The LG LJ616D is also a very good option with even better picture quality and a Magic Remote.

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