Type : LED     Resolution : 1080p     Refresh Rate : 60 Hz

Sony W562D has a good picture and sound quality and it is the best mid segment TV we have reviewed so far. There are lot of connectivity options and most of them are easily accessible. Build quality is good and the TV is made of good quality plastic. Though it is a smart TV but supports very few apps. Overall, it is a very good mid segment TV.

  Low Input lag therefore good for gamers
  Wide viewing angle
  Good picture quality. Good black uniformity with deep blacks
  Very good sound quality with sub-woofer
  High Price


Curved : No

The Sony W562D is a good looking TV with black borders on the four sides and a small Illumination LED at the bottom which glows into two colours, green and red. It is completely made of plastic. Also TV sits on a decent grey colour table stand.


TV sits on the stand with the help of 4 screws. Though stand looks lite as compared to the TV but still it holds the TV quite well. Stand is of greyish colour and is made of good quality plastic.


TV looks nice from the back and is made of solid good quality plastic. If wall mounted, ports at the back will not be easily accessible.


Top Border : 0.5"
Side & Bottom Borders : 0.8"

Borders are made of plastic and have medium thickness.


Max Thickness : 2.5"

TV is fairly thick in the middle and the bottom.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is good with deep blacks.


Black : 0.033 cd/m2
White : 120.648 cd/m2
Contrast : 3659:1

The TV has a good contrast ratio with deep blacks but blacks appear slight blueish in a very dark room.

Black Uniformity

The black uniformity is amazing with no backlight bleed but we have noticed slight black bending in the middle of the screen. Also there is a problem while displaying a 100% full screen black pattern, as TV automatically switch off the screen to show the deepest blacks possible, to overcome this we have displayed a 5% black pattern and took the readings accordingly.

Peak Brightness

Peak 2% Window : 376.7 cd/m2
Peak 10% Window : 376.7 cd/m2
Peak 25% Window : 376.9 cd/m2
Peak 50% Window : 376.9 cd/m2
Peak 100% Window : 377.3 cd/m2

The TV gets very bright therefore a good choice for bright rooms. Also brightness does not fluctuate much with change in window size like HDR TVs.

Gray Uniformity

The TV has a decent gray uniformity. There are some black patches and clouding visible at the top and bottom of the screen but it has very less dirty screen effect.

Motion Interpolation

This feature is available by the name of LED Motion Mode in picture settings on the TV menu. If enabled, it helps to reduce the motion blur.

Viewing Angle

The TV has a VA panel. Although we have not measured the viewing angles but the screen looks reasonably good when seen from the sides thus fairly suitable for living rooms.

24p Playback

The TV display 24p movies without judder provided the input is exactly 24p.

Input Lag

Game mode : 27.3 ms
Outside Game mode : 27.6 ms

Game mode does not reduce the Input lag much. Still a very good TV for gamers because of low input lag.

480p Input

The TV upscales low resolutions pretty well.

720p Input

The cable TV resolution or 720p looks quite decent and similar to 1080p.

1080p Input

1080p content looks sharp and crisp showing every minute detail. The TV also plays 4k content easily by scaling it down to 1080p.

4k Input
Reflections - Bright Room

The W562D has a semi-gloss screen and handle the reflections fairly well. At peak brightness in a bright room, the TV screen is clearly visible even after a strong reflection from the back.

Reflections - Dark Room

Reflections are not much of a problem even in a dark room.


RGB colours are not much uniform out of box but after few changes in the basic picture settings, picture quality really improved a lot. We have calibrated the TV for a dark room and you can see all our picture settings in the next tab.

Pre Calibration

White Balance dE : 18.99
Color dE : 6.26
Gamma : 2.04

Prior to calibration, results are not very good. Grayscale dE and color dE is very high. Though not directly visible, but its definitely an issue when compared with another TV side-by-side.

Post Calibration

White Balance dE : 1.5
Color dE : 4.27
Gamma : 2.05

The post calibration results are pretty good. White balance and Color dE improved a lot with minor adjustments in brightness, contrast & color temperature.


Side Inputs

HDMI : 1 Port (with ARC)
USB : 2 Ports
Headphone Out : 1 Port

Rear Inputs

HDMI : 1 Port
Component In : 1 Port
Analog Audio Out : 1 Port
Ethernet : 1 Port
RF Connection : 1 Port

Sound Quality

The TV has an inbuilt 14W sub-woofer which gives an excellent sound quality and this makes it stand out amongst the competition.

Smart TV

Smart Features

The TV has all the basic smart features like Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring, Ethernet port etc.


- YouTube
- Web Browser (may require a firmware update)
- Screen Mirroring
- Photo Sharing Plus
- Photo Frame Mode
- FM Radio


TV Controls

Basic TV controls are located on the extreme left side at the back of the TV. These can be accessed easily even if the TV is wall mounted.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption (Max) : 29.06 W
Power Consumption (Standby) : 0.57 W

The readings are taken after calibration.


The TV comes with a basic remote similar to what supplied with basic Sony Bravia models.

In the Box

- Remote
- Batteries
- User Manual
- Cable Tie
- Power Cable
- Adaptor


Sony W562D is a good Full HD TV with decent picture quality but lacks high end features like HDR and Local Dimming. It can be a good choice for gamers as well as for home purpose. Sound quality is excellent. Overall, a very good TV with all the features but somehow costly considering the other models available in the market. Good choice if looking to go with a premium brand with all the useful features.

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