Type : LED     Resolution : 720p     Refresh Rate : 60 Hz

VU K160M is the cheapest 32 inch LED TV available in the market. Build quality is average and TV has decent look with black colour border on all the four sides. Sound quality is not very good and same is the case with picture quality. Overall, a good option if looking for a very basic TV with average picture and sound quality.

  Low price
  Good Design
  Average picture & sound quality
  Poor contrast ratio


Curved : No

The VU K160M looks good with black colour border on the four sides. The entire TV body and table stand is made up of decent quality plastic. There is a small LED at the bottom which glows in red and blue colour when the TV is off and ON respectively.


The TV comes with a table stand and a wall mount bracket. The table stand is black in colour and is made of good quality plastic. Each leg of table stand is attached to the TV with the help of two screws.


The back is fully made up of plastic. The power cord is attached at the back and thus not available separately. If wall mounted, the ports on the back at the bottom of the TV will be hard to reach.


Top & Side Border : 0.6" (1.5cm)
Bottom Borders : 0.9" (2.4cm)

Borders are made of plastic and have medium thickness.


Max Thickness : 3.3" (8.5cm)

The TV is very thick from top to bottom.

Picture Quality

The VU K160M has an average picture quality. Colours are quite saturated out of the box and remains same even after calibration because there are very less options available to adjust the picture quality. Colour uniformity is very poor and bright clouding is visible across the entire TV screen with severe flash lighting at one corner.


Black : 0.202 cd/m2
White : 121.713 cd/m2
Contrast : 601:1

The TV has poor contrast ratio with blueish blacks.

Black Uniformity

The TV has poor black uniformity. There is severe flashlighting and clouding visible across the entire screen. Also the blacks are not pure and appears blueish.

Peak Brightness

Peak 2% Window : 238.8 cd/m2
Peak 10% Window : 238.8 cd/m2
Peak 25% Window : 238.9 cd/m2
Peak 50% Window : 238.9 cd/m2
Peak 100% Window : 238.8 cd/m2

The K160M does not get very bright hence picture will look washed out in a well lit bright room. Also the peak brightness remains same with change in window size thus small highlights in the picture will not pop out when viewed in a brightly lit room.

Gray Uniformity

The TV has a decent gray uniformity. There are some black patches visible across the top right and left corners.

Motion Interpolation

This feature is not available in K160M.

Viewing Angle

We have not measured the viewing angles but the screen looks good when seen from the sides hence suitable for living rooms.

24p Playback

The TV is not able to play the exact 24p content and thus displays judder.

Input Lag

Game mode : NA
Outside Game mode : 30.6ms

The K160m has a low input lag and thus it’s a good TV for gamers.

480p Input

The K160M is not very good at upscaling the low resolution content.

720p Input

The cable TV resolution or 720p also looks blurry and lacks clarity.

1080p Input

Since the TV is HD Ready, the TV has to upscale to show the 1080p content and after upscaling the picture quality is much better as compared to 480p and 720p.

4k Input
Reflections - Bright Room

The picture quality is slightly better as compared to a dark room but reflection causes problem in bright room as well.

Reflections - Dark Room

The picture will not be clearly visible when there is a strong reflection from the back.


Pre Calibration

White Balance dE : 12.28
Color dE : 8.36
Gamma : 2.2

Both colour and white balance are off prior to calibration.

Post Calibration

White Balance dE : 6.88
Color dE : 8.6
Gamma : 2.12

Few basic controls are available to adjust the picture quality and the main difference in the picture after calibration is due to change in backlight. This is done to make the TV viewable in a dark room.


Rear Inputs

USB : 1 Port
Headphone Out : 1 Port
Component In : 1 Port
Composite In : 1 Port
Analog Audio In : 1 Port

Side Inputs

HDMI : 2 Ports
PC In (VGA/DVI) : 1 Port
RF Connection (Cable/Antenna) : 1 Port

Sound Quality

The TV has poor sound quality. The sound is not very clear even at low volume and gets worse when increased to higher levels.


Power Consumption

Power Consumption (Max) : 32.83 W
Power Consumption (Standby) : 0.0 W

The readings are taken after calibration.


The TV comes with a basic remote of black colour made up of plastic.

In the Box

- Remote
- User Manual
- 2 Batteries
- Screws
- Table Stand
- Wall Mount


The VU K160M has a decent build quality and its black colour gives a good look. The TV has enough connectivity options for a basic user and the performance is good if used as a PC monitor via HDMI cable. However, TV has poor picture and sound quality. Also the TV is not very good for watching movies because of judder and poor contrast ratio.

Overall, the VU K160M is a very basic TV at rock bottom prices and is recommended only if budget is a major issue.

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