Samsung 2017 LED TVs
Reviews and Prices

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Samsung recently launched its new K Series in India with 13 models. As done before, some of the models are exact replica of 2015 J series with minor changes in model number and design. New k series has better build quality and attractive design in comparison to old models. Samsung also made some improvements in their Tizen smart OS, resulting in better user experience and more appealing design.

(Note: Samsung has not launched its 2017 series yet)

They also made some changes in TV menu and made the most used options easily accessible. So we can say, this year there is a lot of focus on user experience by Samsung.

Picture quality is fantastic, there are some issues with audio quality and viewing angle in the low end models but overall much better than those sold by low price brands like VU, MIcromax, BPL etc.

Compared to other brands.

+Bright colours: Samsung tvs have wide colour gamut resulting in brighter colours and vivid pictures.

+Attractive modern design: New Joiiii series has a unique design which looks modern and trendy.

+Lots of features: Their models usually have all the latest features. They even support most of the audio video formats for media played via USB.

-Average Sound: Sound quality is average except for some high end models.

-High price: Samsung is amongst the top 3 brands, therefore their prices are usually high like Sony and LG.

Samsung’s main competition is Sony and LG. We put Samsung next to Sony mainly because of its audio quality. LG lacks good design especially in the low to mid-range models. Samsung otherwise justifies its price as their models are equipped with latest technology and features. Therefore Samsung is in between Sony and LG and their models usually gives the best value for an average user looking for a quality product at an economical price.

Samsung LED TVs – Description and Reviews

Samsung has a whole range of televisions, from the lower end basic models to the top notch 4k UHD models. Their models are named in a proper sequence where first letter represents the Model Year.

(2017 series is not launched yet)

K* means 2016 model.

J* means 2015 model.

H* means 2014 model.

F* means 2013 model.

2017 Models

Not launched yet,

2016 Models

Samsung launched their new 2016 k series in late September this year. It includes all the models from very basic ones to curved tvs to high end 4k UHD models. Major improvements over the previous year includes new modern design, better picture quality and changes in their Tizen OS.

KS Series

KS series include the top 4k SUHD models which represents the best colour accuracy and superb picture quality.
7.8 Samsung KS7000
Samsung 49, 55 Inch LED TV KS7000
4k SUHD - 49", 55"

Same as KS7500, not curved. Only 44 mm thick.

7.3 Samsung KS7500
Samsung 49 Inch LED TV KS7500
4k SUHD - 49"

Curved TV. Very good picture quality due to HDR and Local Dimming. Good audio quality.

KU Series

These are the 4k tvs with slightly less better picture quality as compared to KS series.
6.4 Samsung KU6470
Samsung LED TV KU6470
4k UHD - 43", 49", 55", 65"

Same as KU6570, not curved. Only 55 mm thick.

6.4 Samsung KU6000
4k UHD - 40", 43", 50", 60"

Similar to KU6470 but more thick.

6.1 Samsung KU6570
Samsung LED TV KU6570
4k UHD - 43", 49", 55", 78"

Curved TV. Good picture quality.

5.9 Samsung KU6300
Samsung LED TV KU6300
4k UHD - 40"

Curved TV. Quite similar to KU6570 but more thick.

K Series

This includes the basic Joiiii series to mid-range models. Joiiii series comes with the latest and modern design. Most of the models here are Full HD.
5.4 Samsung K5570
Samsung LED TV K5570
Full HD - 32", 40", 43", 49", 55"

Fully featured Smart TV with Built In WiFi.

5.1 Samsung K6300
Samsung LED TV K6300
Full HD - 40", 49", 55"

Curved TV. Similar to K5570 but more thick.

4.9 Samsung K5300
Samsung LED TV K5300
Full HD - 32", 43", 49"

Basic Smart TV.

4.5 Samsung K4300
Samsung 32 Inch LED TV K4300
HD Ready - 32"

Smart TV with Quad Core processor. Decent picture quality.

3.9 Samsung K5100
Samsung LED TV K5100
Full HD - 32", 40", 43", 49"

Basic LED TV. Better than K5002.

3.0 Samsung K5002
Samsung 43 Inch LED TV K5002
Full HD - 43"

Basic led TV.


Samsung has a wide variety of models to cater different needs. They recently introduced their new Quantum Dot technology for high end 4k UHD models which even beats the famous OLED tvs sold by LG. There no big downsides with Samsung except minor audio quality issues in the basic models and if that bugs you considering Sony is the only option. Despite this, Samsung tvs are a good deal especially looks, features and quality wise.