Sony 2017 LED TVs
Reviews and Prices

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Sony announced its new 2016 D Series at the starting of the year and they’ve launched total 15 models till today. Product range includes basic to mid-range to premium 4k UHD models.

(Note: Sony has not launched its 2017 series yet)

They have started focusing more towards mid-range to premium models and this is quite justified from their current year product catalogue. They introduced “Slice of Living” concept for their mid to premium range tvs. It simply means Ultra Slim BRAVIA tv’s which fits perfectly into modern surroundings and becomes part of a living room with a modern look. Their entire product line complements this vision by having sleek stands and bezels and a cleverly designed vent at the back of tv to hide the visible cables and make the tv look on wall like a mirror or a window.

Picture Quality is great like previous year models and have pretty solid panels where colour does not washes at all if one touches the tv screen just like LG IPS ones.

Sony is known for its superb audio quality and they they’ve maintained their leadership this year by installing woofers in their basic to mid-range models. It enhances the overall tv performance and makes it win over other brands.

Sony’s Android Smart OS, though is not the best, but gives the best user experience and access to apps not easily found in competitor’s smart models.

They also discontinued their touch remote this year and made it an optional accessory. Its not worth the money to purchase it because one can download Sony’s TV Sideview App (available for both IOS and Android) and can then use their mobile as a Touch remote.

Compared to other brands.

+Outstanding audio quality: Even introduced woofers in most of the models.

+Superb picture quality: Wide viewing angles with rich and uniform colours.

+Premium Design: Sony’s minimalistic design gives a premium look. Some models also have a cable organising clip at the back to keep the things neat and tidy.

+Great Build Quality: Products are made of high quality plastic

-High Price: Although they are pricey but the quality truly justifies it.

Overall Sony tvs are highly recommended if you are looking for a perfect combination of great picture and audio quality. So far, Sony is the best tv brand in India if all the aspects are considered specially amongst the basic to mid-range models. Though priced at a premium, but they are equally durable as per the price..

Sony LED TVs – Description and Reviews

Sony has limited number of models launched every year but are usually enough to serve all the needs. Their models are named in proper sequence where the last alphabet in model number represents the model year.

(2017 series is not launched yet)

D* means 2016 model.

C* means 2015 model.

B* means 2014 model.

2017 Models

Not launched yet.

2016 Models

Not much difference in Picture Quality as compared to the previous year, though audio quality improved a lot. More focus on the design based on the “Slice of Living” concept.

X Series

X series (starting with X) are the Sony’s top most 4k UHD tvs.
7.5 Sony X9300D
Sony LED TV X9300D
4k UHD - 55", 65"

Excellent picture quality. Very thin TV

7.1 Sony X9350D
Sony 65
4k UHD - 65"

Very good picture and sound quality. Smart and 3D TV with lots of features

7.0 Sony X8500D
Sony LED TV X8500D
4k UHD - 55", 65"

Very good picture quality. Smart TV.

6.6 Sony X8300D
Sonny LED TV X8300D
4k UHD - 43", 49"

Smart TV with good picture quality

W Series

Models (starting with W) are the Sony mid-range tvs. Most of the models here have a 1080p resolution.
6.3 Sony W950D
Sony LED TV W950D
Full HD - 43", 50"

Smart and 3D TV. Good picture and sound quality

5.9 Sony W800D
Sony LED TV W800D
Full HD - 43", 50", 55"

Smart and 3D TV. Good picture quality

5.6 Sony W562D
Sony LED TV W562D
Full HD - 32", 40", 48"

Semi smart TV. Good picture quality. Woofers with very good sound quality

5.3 Sony W650D
Sony LED TV W650D
Full HD - 40", 48"

Smart TV with good picture quality

5.2 Sony W752D
Sony LED TV W752D
Full HD - 43", 49"

Smart TV with good picture quality. Only 56mm thick.

5.1 Sony W512D
Sony 32 Inch LED TV W512D
HD Ready - 32"

Similar to W562D. 720p resolution

R Series

R series (starting with R) are the basic 32 and 40 inch tvs. They’ve a resolution of 1080p or 720p.
4.2 Sony R412D
Sony 32 Inch LED TV R412D
HD Ready - 32"

Good picture quality. Woofers with very good sound quality

3.5 Sony R352D
Sony 40 Inch LED TV R352D
Full HD - 40"

Basic LED TV with good picture quality

3.5 Sony R302D
Sony 32 Inch LED TV R302D
HD Ready - 32"

Basic LED TV with good picture quality

P Series

P Series includes the very basic models having a screen size of 29 inches or less. They also have the resolutions of 1080p and 720p but the difference in resolutions is not much visible in such small size screens.
3.3 Sony P423D
Sony LED TV P423D
Full HD - 24", 29"

Very basic LED TV

3.3 Sony P413D
Sony LED TV P413D
HD Ready - 22", 24"

Very basic LED TV


Sony is no doubt the best television brand across the world. Whenever one is confused between Sony or any other brand, our recommendation is to always go with Sony because the quality and service delivered by them are usually above everything else.