Micromax T7260

Resolution HD Ready
Ratings Summary
2.5 Overall Score
4.0 Design
3.3 Picture Quality
1.5 Audio Quality
0.3 Features
2.1 Connections
1.1 Supported Formats
Type : LED     Resolution : 720p     Refresh Rate : 60 Hz

The LG LH564A is a basic 32 inch TV. It has an average picture quality with a wide viewing angle. Unfortunately, the TV does not handle the motion well. Sound quality is also average and the TV is quite similar to the models available in the same price range but looks more appealing as compared to other similar models.
Advantages :

+ Low price

Disadvantages :

Bad viewing angle

Bad motion performance

Average uniformity

Low contrast ratio

Poor colour gamut coverage as the TV show very less colours

Average build quality


Micromax T7260MHD Design

Curved : No

The t7260mhd is an average looking TV. The branding at the bottom of the television frame and its plastic borders gives the TV, a slight cheap look.

Micromax T7260MHD Table Stand

The stand holds the TV well but is not of very good quality. Also the stand has a wide footprint.

Micromax T7260MHD Borders

Top & Side Border : 0.6" (1.5cm)
Bottom Borders : 0.8" (2.0cm)

The borders have an average width and are made up of normal quality plastic.

Micromax T7260MHD Back

The back of the TV is fully made of plastic. The TV is thick, thus the backs looks bulky and unattractive. If wall mounted, the buttons at the bottom are easily accessible but the rear inputs will be hard to reach.

Micromax T7260MHD Thickness

Max Thickness : 3.5" (9.0cm)

The TV looks very thick when viewed from the sides. If wall mounted, it pops out and looks odd.

Build Quality

The TV is not of good quality. The plastic gives a cheap look and from the outside not looks durable.

Picture Quality

The Micromax T7260MHD is a budget TV with sub par picture quality. Movie performance is bad particularly in a dark room because of poor contrast ratio, low colour gamut coverage and judder, thus picture looks washed out. Bright room performance is also not good either because the TV does not get very bright and handle the reflections moderately well. The TV is not good for watching sports because of poor motion handling and bad gray uniformity. The VA panel of the TV has a bad viewing angle and it lacks high end features like local dimming and HDR.

Contrast Ratio
Micromax T7260MHD Picture Quality

Black : 0.060 cd/m2
White : 121.245 cd/m2
Contrast : 2004:1

The VA panels usually has very good contrast ratios but this is not the case with Micromax T7260MHD. The TV has blueish blacks which are not very deep and due to this the contrast ratio is very low.

Peak Brightness

Peak 2% Window : 200.9 cd/m2
Peak 100% Window : 202.0 cd/m2

The TV has low peak brightness as a result, the bright room performance is not good. The Micromax T7260MHD is not good at highlighting the small details.

Viewing Angle
Micromax T7260MHD viewing angle 0 degree Micromax T7260MHD viewing angle 45 degree

Panel type : VA

The TV has a bad viewing angle. When viewed from the sides, picture loses lots of saturation and contrast resulting in a completely washed out image.

Panel Uniformity
Micromax T7260MHD colour uniformity Micromax T7260MHD luminance uniformity

Max Colour Dev. (50% pattern) : 2.5
Avg Luminance Dev. (5% pattern) : 16.37%

The television has decent colour uniformity. Max deviation is 2.5 which is not very noticeable during normal TV viewing. Unfortunately, luminance uniformity is bad. The center of the screen is brighter than the right & left hand side screen.

The screen appears dirty with a dark patch visible in the middle of the TV screen. There is some banding visible on the left hand side. The blacks are not very deep and appear blueish.

Native Resolution - 720p
Micromax T7260MHD native resolution

720P content looks good. The image is sharp and clear.

Reflections - Bright Room
Micromax T7260MHD Reflections bright room

The reflections are well handled. However, bright room performance is average mainly because of poor contrast ratio, low peak brightness and low gamut coverage.

Local Dimming
Micromax T7260MHD local dimming

Local Dimming : No

The local dimming feature is not available. However, there is a feature called Dynamic Backlight control which dims the entire backlight based on what is shown on the TV screen. We turned this feature OFF as it dims the entire screen instead of dimming a specific portion.

Gamut Coverage
Micromax T7260MHD sRGB gamut coverage Micromax T7260MHD adobe RGB gamut coverage

sRGB gamut coverage : 84.95%
Adobe RGB gamut coverage : 62.98%

The gamut coverage is very bad and the colours are not even sufficient for SDR content. Due to this, picture looks pale and lacks liveliness.

Pre Calibration
Micromax T7260MHD pre rgb Micromax T7260MHD pre gamma Micromax T7260MHD pre color gamut Micromax T7260MHD pre calibration picture quality

White Balance dE : 8.99
Color dE : 6.89
Gamma : 2.41

Prior to calibration, results are bad. Both grayscale and colour De are off. Also red and blue colours are far away from the 100% level.

Post Calibration
Micromax T7260MHD post rgb Micromax T7260MHD post gamma Micromax T7260MHD post color gamut Micromax T7260MHD post calibration picture quality

White Balance dE : 0.87
Color dE : 4.85
Gamma : 2.32

There are few controls available to adjust the picture settings. Still, with slight modifications picture improved a lot. You can see the changes made in the Settings tab at the top.


Motion Blur
Micromax T7260MHD Motion Blur

The TV does not handle the motion well. The long trail behind the moving picture shows that the response time is high.

Motion Interpolation

There is no motion interpolation option in the Micromax T7260MHD.


Input Lag
Micromax T7260MHD Input Lag

Game mode : N/A
Outside Game mode : 30.8 ms

The Input Lag is average and similar to the TVs available in the same price range. The TV is good for gamers from the point of lag.

Side Inputs
Micromax T7260MHD side input ports

Composite In : 2 Ports
USB : 2 Ports

Rear Inputs
Micromax T7260MHD Rear inputs left

Analog Audio Out : 1 Port
HDMI : 2 Ports
VGA (PC) : 1 Port
Headphone Out : 1 Port
RF Connection(Cable/Antenna) : 1 Port
Video Out : 1 Port

Total Inputs

Composite In : 2 Ports
USB : 2 Ports
Analog Audio Out : 1 Port
HDMI : 2 Ports
VGA (PC) : 1 Port
Headphone Out : 1 Port
RF Connection(Cable/Antenna) : 1 Port
Video Out : 1 Port

Input Specifications

USB 2.0 : Yes
USB 3.0 : No
HDMI 1.4 : Yes
HDMI 2.0 : No
HDCP 2.2 : No
HDCP 1.4 : No
Variable Analogue Audio Out : No


TV Controls
Micromax T7260MHD TV Buttons

The controls are located at the back of the TV, on the bottom right hand side. They provide basic operations, such as accessing the TV menu/Power off, changing channels and the volume.

Power Consumption

Power Consump (Max) : 23.86w
Power Consump (Standby) : 0.0w

The TV consumes a bit more power. The readings are taken after calibration.

Micromax T7260MHD Remote

The remote is very basic and made up of plastic. It looks cheap and the buttons are very hard to press, thus the fingers start paining even while increasing the TV volume.

In the Box
Micromax T7260MHD Accessories

- Wall Bracket
- Remote
- Table Stand
- Video Adaptor
- User Manual
- Warranty Card
- Screws
- Batteries


The Micromax T7260MHD is one of the cheapest 32 inch TV. The picture quality is slightly better than the competitor VU K160M but the overall performance is bad. The TV is not good for watching sports, movies and even TV shows. Going with the build quality, the TV does not look durable. It is suggested to spend another 4-5k and go with LG LH516A, for a better picture and sound quality plus a durable long lasting product.

Overall, this TV is recommended only for a low budget.